Ian Kelly joins forces with Équiterre’s le temps d’une chanson

The Holidays are just around the corner. To celebrate the season, Ian Kelly offers up a song called Christmas Day, a tune that combines social and environmental awareness with the joy of the holidays.

“For the coming year, I wish you all lucidity. I am firmly convinced that we will all come to the realization that our priorities have been skewed, and that together we can change things for the better. There continues to be numerous humanitarian and environmental aberrations perpetrated in the name of economic interest. Poverty is, more than ever, a global problem.

The Holidays are nonetheless a magical time. A time, I believe, where love still conquers all. I trust in the fundamental goodness of people, and I feel certain that with less irresponsibility, and more education about the consequences of our actions, the world can be a better place.

In very practical terms, Équiterre works hard on a number of issues that I feel strongly about. I decided to join their efforts in the best way I know how, through music. I wrote and recorded a Christmas song, the profits of which will go to supporting Équiterre’s ongoing projects, such as the petition against the oil sands, the promotion of fair-trade commerce, and environmental responsibility and sustainability. Happy Holidays!”
-Ian Kelly

About Équiterre:

Équiterre, helps build a social movement by encouraging individuals, organizations and governments to make ecological and equitable choices, in a spirit of solidarity. We see the everyday choices we all make - food, transportation, housing, gardening, shopping - as an opportunity to change the world, one step at a time.


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Christmas Day
Music and Lyric: Ian Kelly
Piano: Jonathan Cayer
Drums: Eric Dew
Upright Bass: Paul Van Dyk
Flugel Horn: David Charbonneau
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ian Kelly at Studio Sunset Hill
©, ℗ 2014 Sunsethill Music

Copyright © 2017 Ian Kelly. All Rights Reserved.