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Facebook  Julie Charbonneau - 22 juillet 2016, 19:12
Alma demain, le show est à quel heure? On irait faire un tour entre 2 boites de déménagement! 😋
Facebook  SOCAN Musique - 19 juillet 2016, 16:38
Ian Kelly : le blues de la métropole -
Facebook  SOCAN Music - 19 juillet 2016, 16:37
Ian Kelly : Inner City Blues -
Facebook  Jess Adams - 15 juillet 2016, 12:05
I just wanted to say thank you for the signed cd. My little girl was all smiles when I read her the birthday wishes from you. Thank you so much for making her feel extra special!!
Facebook  Le 5 et 10 km du P'tit Train du Nord - 11 juillet 2016, 20:30
Vous avez aimé courir avec nous dans les Laurentides ? Nous vous invitons à Ste-Adèle le samedi soir 10 septembre pour Le 5K des Chefs ! Médaille, chandail, chrono, photos, dégustations gourmandes, accès au festival culinaire La Tournée des Chefs «Goûtez le Québec» pour le weekend, spectacle gratuit de Ian Kelly ! Seulement 40$ pour un temps très limité (rég. 60$) ! INSCRIPTION:
Facebook  Peter Katz - 10 juillet 2016, 20:11
I’m once again on a plane to Alberta, about to start a month of mentoring work with teenagers in the mountains through the incredible FACES program. I wrote about it last year at this time, so I won’t repeat myself, but I’m very much looking forward to this work, it’s a welcome shift in priorities every year and feeds me for a long time every time I do it. 2016 has been a challenging year overall so far, big changes in my personal life, many endings (and thus new beginnings), lots of moments of feeling pretty adrift; I still haven’t landed yet and know it will be a while before I do. Writing songs has been my saving grace, I’m so grateful for that lifeline, I have so many new ones to share with you someday soon. Before I go any further though, wanted to share the video of the TEDx Talk I did at U of T this past March. I played 3 songs (audio isn’t amazing but it gets the job done). I’m most interested in sharing the speaking parts with you, really proud of what I as able to share. The title of my talk is ‘Why I Seek Discomfort’. You can skip ahead if you wish to the following markers: 0:18 SONG: Driving a Dream 4:51 Talk part 1 7:30 SONG: We Are The Reckoning 12:19 Talk part 2 15:42 SONG: Oliver’s Tune Looking ahead I’ll be touring in Quebec a lot more with shows with Ian Kelly all August and throughout the fall/early winter, then I’ll be doing a European tour with Royal Wood, followed by a cross-Canada (Ontario to BC) tour later in the fall (dates to be announced shortly). Show info and tickets at My new live concert recording/movie is almost complete, and I’ve also got several French recordings coming out in the fall. I’ll also be starting work on demos for my next record, I’ll be making this one soon with all these songs that are pouring out of me. I want to capture them while they’re fresh. I’ve been at this a long time now. Crazy how time passes… crazy how many things have happened along the way. Life stops you sometimes and you have to re-evaluate everything, question everything. That said, the desire to be playing the songs I’ve written, live in a room for you, has remained a constant. Everything else is up in the air, and the truth is (as I’ve come to realize) it always is. I guess sometimes the walls are more see-through than expected and you realize how thin the shelter really is. I’ll be offline for a month starting tomorrow morning, but I wanted you to know that I’m still here writing songs for you (and for me), planning how I can get to be in that room playing them for you, sending love out there, hoping and working for peace, and for grace in my steps that are often clumsier than I’d like them to be. As I said in my talk though, maybe those moments of clumsiness and discomfort are a good sign. Oliver Schroer passed away 8 years ago almost exactly. I try to let his story keep me honest, keep me on track, keep me doing the things I’ve always wanted to do. Wishing you the same. I’ll see you out there soon, in the meantime, enjoy the sunshine, turn up the music, hug your loved ones, stay hopeful. I’ll work to do the same. Lots of love, Peter
Facebook  Nancy Tisseur - 09 juillet 2016, 13:13
Merci pour la belle soirée d'hier au Graffiti .... et la clé USB du show c'est juste wow comme idée , j'adore
Facebook  Bianca Dufour - 09 juillet 2016, 12:57
ta fait un super bon show hier a port-cartier je suis en train de le réécouté sur la clé usb
Facebook  Festival Jazz & Blues de Saguenay - 08 juillet 2016, 8:38
Bonne nouvelle : Ian Kelly sera avec nous le 8 avril prochain :)
Facebook  CD Spectacles - 04 juillet 2016, 13:10
Le 20 août prochain à 20h, voyez Ian Kelly en formule cabaret à la Salle de spectacles de Gaspé. Une soirée unique et intime! L’auteur-compositeur-interprète a roulé sa bosse et a présenté de nombreux spectacles au Canada, en France, en Belgique, aux États-Unis et en Angleterre. Cette année, il revient sur disque avec "Superfolk" dont le premier extrait "Montréal", déclaration aux accents folk d’appartenance à la métropole d’où il est natif, laisse sa marque dans les tops radiophoniques. Billets en vente au, au 418-368-3859 poste 1 et à la billetterie de CD Spectacles.

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